Q: It was your birthday not long ago. Were you…

I didn’t have anything scheduled for work that day, nor did I have a party with friends. I just went to the aquarium with my family. I usually can’t go out that often. When I do end up going out with my family to have a meal once in a while, due to all the people who look back and stare at me, I feel a sadness, kind of like an animal that is trapped inside a zoo. But because it was my birthday and I couldn’t just stay home all day, we went out for a bit and it ended up not being so bad after all, I had a fun time. I saw a shark for the first time and had a big laugh comparing the aquarium’s blue water color to my own hair color saying it was like apetetic coloring. It was as if I had returned to my childhood. To be honest it was an extremely normal day, which is what made it an extra special memory for me.


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